Knee Surgery Post-Operative Instructions
James Dettling, MD

Procedure Performed : ____________________________________________________________________
Date: _________________________

  • Weight Bearing Status:
    • Weight Bearing as Tolerated Operative Extremity ______________
    • Partial Weight Bearing Operative Extremity _____________
  • Physical Therapy to initiate as ordered
  • Remove current dressing and place band-aids over portal sites 48 hours after your surgical procedure. Leave sutures in place until removed by a physician.
  • You may shower after your procedure, however, you must keep the operative sight dry until the sutures are removed approximately one week after surgery.
  • Follow up with Dr. Dettling 3-7 days after your procedure(s) as scheduled.
  • Place an ice bag over the operative region. Do not leave ice bag in place for more than 30 minutes at a time. Remove ice for a short period (30 minutes) then replace. Keep dressings dry and clean during this treatment.
  • If there is mild drainage identified at the surgical site/dressing immediately after surgery simply reinforce the dressing by wrapping a clean dressing over the current dressing. Do not remove the current dressing unless instructed to do so by a physician. If significant amount of drainage is identified at the surgical site please call your surgeon immediately.
  • Elevate the operative extremity above the level of your heart after surgery so as to decrease the swelling and ultimately the discomfort in the early post-operative period.
  • Crutches and/or a knee immobilizer may be provided depending on the nature of the procedure performed. Continue to utilize these instruments as directed or until further instructions are provided by Dr. Dettling and/or his staff. Please not that not all procedures require crutches/immobilization devices post-operatively.
  • You may initiate a diet a regular diet as tolerated after your procedure. We suggest you start slowly with clear liquids and advance you diet as tolerated.
  • If there is increased pain, swelling, redness, drainage, a foul smell originating from the operative site or for any other questions or concerns regarding your surgical procedure, call our office immediately (702-877-6781) to speak to a physician.
  • Further post-operative instruction may be provided by the surgical facility staff. Please adhere to all post-operative instructions given.